Hey. It’s Me. Again.

Let me get my King harmony together for this. *ahem*

Heyyyyyy-eeeeeeee, I know


It’s been a grip since I’ve entered the blogosphere…

So what you been up to, Kev???

Since I last posted on here about 2.5 years ago? Well, I finished writing a novel. A couple of beta readers, a million edits & query/rejection letters later, I’m still working on getting it in the right hands. I made the longest, chaotic career switch in life: switched from news to marketing. I love what I do now. It’s so much easier not worrying about my objectivity at work coming into question because I may get comfortable having an opinion here.

Even hit a bit of a milestone this weekend; I left my 20s behind. When I was about 14, someone asked me what age I considered old. I responded, “30,” and stuck by it. The closer I got to it, the more I dreaded it. Now that 30 is here, It’s not that bad. I made it here without a rap sheet, any bullet wounds, or create a herd of tax dependents. Hell, the fact that I made it to 30 period. I’m happy.

I had a horrible habit of letting things fall by the wayside in those younger days. I’m determined to break that habit in this here decade, starting with this. We live in a time where people can’t even tell what news stories are real or not…  I feel like I have to do something.

So expect more from me.


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